Unclaimed Property

Item Title Date Entered Description
Schwinn Bike 2023-08-24
Backpack (Owner D. Archer) 2023-08-24
Bag of Property (Owner C. Tiley) 2023-08-24
Micargi Bicycle 2023-08-29
Mirraco Bicycle 2023-08-31
Specialized Bicycle 2023-08-31
Tent, Sleeping Bags, Cooler, and Camp Chair 2023-08-31
Samsung Phone 2023-09-01
Sunglasses case 2023-09-01
Gloworks Bicycle 2023-09-05
Backpack, clothing, bag, owner unknown 2023-09-05
Backpack (Owner Robbi Pablito 2023-09-06
Revolver Cylinder 2023-09-07
BMX Bike 2023-09-08
wallet (possible owner Andres Gutierrez Bautista) 2023-09-11
two backpacks (possible owner Anthony sanders) 2023-09-12
Green wallet (Possible owner Ashley Ross) 2023-09-13
Apple iPad 2023-09-13
Black backpack 2023-09-13
Blue Cellphone 2023-09-14
Three Samsung Galaxy phones & two Samsung Notes 2023-09-14
CA ID Card (N. Medina) 2023-09-14
Backpack, Clothing, Personal Items (owner H. Winn) 2023-09-15
Schwinn Bike 2023-09-15
Dynacraft Bicycle 2023-09-19
Roof Shovel 2023-09-19
E. Perez Drivers License 2023-09-21
Motorcycle License Plate 2023-09-22
bag with clothing 2023-09-26
Carrera bicycle (owner unknown) 2023-09-26
Black suitcase (owner unknown) 2023-09-26
Car Jump Starter 2023-09-29
bicycle (possible owner Kevin Brown) 2023-10-02
small brown purse w/misc. items owner unknown 2023-10-04
black/red duffel bag unknown owner 2023-10-05
Checkered Purse 2023-10-06
Giant Bike 2023-10-06
Personal Property (owner S. Harrison) 2023-10-06
Wallet w/ Mexican ID (owner B.E. Melendez-Lopez) 2023-10-06
Passport (owner Y.A. Garcia-Vegas) 2023-10-06
Utah DL (owner C. Exiga-Perez) 2023-10-06
Utah DL (owner T. Trumbull) 2023-10-06
M. Ambrose Card 2023-10-11
C. Garrity Card 2023-10-11
Ladder 2023-10-11
Clothing Items (owner B. Smith) 2023-10-11
Blanket (owner I.R. Sanchez-Freyre) 2023-10-13
Backpack (owner M. Benson) 2023-10-13
cell phone, drivers license, credits cards (owner Jr Mulu) 2023-10-16
Charter Arms revolver (owner unknown) 2023-10-17
backpack, clothing, bag (possible owner Keith Pomery) 2023-10-18
clothing, misc. property (owner Mist Holdaway) 2023-10-18
Schwinn bicycle (owner Virgil Coles) 2023-10-18
backpack (owner Eric Jeff) 2023-10-19
Backpack (owner E. Ibarra) 2023-10-19
Trek bicycle, owner unknown 2023-10-19
Bike & Property (owner D. Atkinson) 2023-10-20
A. Fitzgerald Driver License 2023-10-20
Motorola Cell Phone 2023-10-20
Personal Property (owner J. Rhoades) 2023-10-20
Bike and Bag (owner K. Brown) 2023-10-20
Personal Property (owner M. Bundy) 2023-10-20
Credit card (owner Kimberly Hermansen) 2023-10-23
Pink wallet (possible owner Melissa Nui) 2023-10-23
Glock Firearm 2023-10-23
backpack, boots, bicycle 2023-10-23
Air Pistol 2023-10-23
misc Drivers license, jewelry, cell phones, credit cards. From Maverick on Mall Drive 2023-10-23
Personal Property (owner K. Sayer) 2023-10-24
Backpack (owner S. Delmar) 2023-10-24
CO2 Pistol 2023-10-24
Money (must describe amount & how packaged) 2023-10-25
backpack (owner Carolyn Claybrooks) 2023-10-25
backpack (owner Gabrielle Branon) 2023-10-25
Backpack (Owner Shawn Hall) 2023-10-25
Bicycle (Garrett Shaffer) 2023-10-25
Specialized bicycle 2023-10-25
Backpack w/clothes (Owner Enrique Ibarra) 2023-10-25
Sleeping bag, clothes, shoes 2023-10-25
pink bag w/property 2023-10-25
Backpack (owner M. C. Sanchez) 2023-10-26
Personal Property (owner D. Thomas) 2023-10-27
Samsonite Suitcase 2023-10-27
Purse w/ Fringe 2023-10-27
knife, pepper spray, tool (Beau Graham owner) 2023-10-30
back pack (Carolyn Claybrooks owner) 2023-10-30
Aventon Bike 2023-10-31
Personal Property (owner B. Gill) 2023-10-31
keys w/unknown vehicle FOB 2023-11-01
Wallet (Arlis Coleman owner) 2023-11-01
Luggage (owner M. Clay) 2023-11-01
Credit Card (owner M. Perezvera) 2023-11-02
Card Knife (owner M. Gregerson) 2023-11-02
Gray Diaper Bag Backpack 2023-11-02
Sleeping Bag 2023-11-03
Small Doll 2023-11-03
Nevada Drivers license ( Greg Cooley owner) 2023-11-06
clothing hat, unknown owner 2023-11-06 found at Snake Hollow bike park
Utility knife (Jonathan Pogue owner) 2023-11-06
Purse ( Brianna Waters owner) 2023-11-06
clothing (Kirstoffer Jackson owner) 2023-11-08
Concrete sprayer 2023-11-08
phones belonging to Daniel Parker, Lyle Hirschi 2023-11-08
Property belonging to E. Ibarra 2023-11-09
Small Urn with Ashes 2023-11-09
knives, keys (Paul McKnight owner) 2023-11-13
knives, keys (Travis McKnight owner) 2023-11-13
California ID (Jaime Hernandez owner) 2023-11-13
4 knives (Russell Gallian owner) 2023-11-14
back pack, misc (Timothy Ferguson owner) 2023-11-14
backpack (Jason Mangum owner) 2023-11-14
tent, bedding unknown owner 2023-11-14
OnePlus cell phone 2023-11-15
Schwinn Bicycle unknown owner 2023-11-15
Green Scott bicycle 2023-11-15
Keys found in community mailbox 2023-11-20
credit card (Kade Fenimore owner) 2023-11-20
credit cards (owner Arlis Coleman) 2023-11-20
Calif. ID (Cesar Vargas owner) 2023-11-20
Wallet with cards (owner John Hunter Christopher) 2023-11-20
backpack ( Daniel Ward owner) 2023-11-21
black baseball hat 2023-11-22
keys w/car remote unknown owner 2023-11-22
ID and Cards (owner L. Begay) 2023-11-22
Wallet, money (owner Justin White) 2023-11-27
wallet, cash (owner Misty Mendenhall) 2023-11-27
Wallet, cash (owner Brendan Delfosse) 2023-11-27
backpack, bag (owner J. McWhinnie) 2023-11-27
2 cell phones 2023-11-27
black duffle bag with clothing 2023-11-27
Bicycle, Specialized Hotrock, red/white 2023-11-27
Driver License (N. Poston) 2023-11-28
Keys and Sunglasses 2023-11-28